Our credentials

Dr Darren Merrill brings a wide range of sound, practical experience of delivering high profile work within a local highways authority as well as fundamental, technical knowledge from his years at TRL. Darren is an author of TRL Report 611 'A guide to the use and specification of cold recycled materials for the maintenance of road pavements' and assisted with the development of a number of current design standards. He is well known in the industry and participates on national as well as regional working groups and has led a team delivering technical innovations for Shropshire Council.

Through an inherent curiosity in how things work, we have established an expert technical understanding and a wide range of contacts in both highways and IT providers. This diverse experience is a key factor in our innovation and ability to deal with the challenges of our clients.

The ability to think differently and apply practical, rather than glossy solutions has led to a significant involvement in a number of important change projects. Consequently, managing change has become an integral part of our experience.

We are working with a range of clients who value the integrity of our service and our commitment to supporting their aims.