A selection of services we offer...

Highways Client Support

With more than ten years experience of management within a highway authority, we can provide proven technical and management support in all areas of highways network management from project management to policy development.

Asset Management Planning

Asset Management is a broad subject area. We can fulfil every area of this discipline including the collection and management of inventory, analysis of routine condition data, development of local life cycle plans and forward works programme. If desired, we can also collect these services together and help you to develop an asset management plan.

Transport Infrastructure Asset Valuation

We undertake Transport Infrastructure Asset Valuation for clients according to the CIPFA code of practice. For us, this is not a simple calculation or form filling exercise, but through understanding of your asset inventory and asset conditions and efficiently processing this using our unique skill base, we can provide insight into your assets' performance.

GIS Analysis

We are expert in a range of Geographical Information Systems including ESRI’s ArcMap, MapInfo and others. We can deploy these skills to digitise information, perform spatial analysis or simply and clearly communicate your information using mapping.

Information Systems

We are currently involved in the development of information systems and solutions. We are able to take these improvement projects from inception through design, procurement and deployment. We can help you achieve your knowledge aspirations with our understanding of how information can be collected, transported, stored and reported upon . As well as an extensive portfolio of relevant technologies at your disposal, we are continually enhancing our skill base to meet our Client's particular needs.

Pavement Engineering

With an international reputation for pavement engineering, we are able to offer advice on materials and design. Our understanding our how pavements work, can help you improve your design or provide insight into deterioration to select appropriate maintenance treatments.

Value Management

We have developed and deployed a range of Value Management systems. Should need either a system developed or an existing method performed, we are pleased to help.