A selection of services we offer...

Data management

We understand that reliable data is a fundamental requirement of good decision making. We work with clients to help them form data management strategies that ensure they understand their data needs, make best use of existing information and are able to sustainably collect new information as needed.

Geospatial analysis

Understanding the function and attributes of infrastructure assets requires a knowledge o the asset in its location. We are experts in the preparation of spatially enables datasets and processing data in a spatial environment.

Risk-based management of infrastructure

We are assisting our clients to form a risk-based approach to the management of infrastructure. We can advise on best-practice and develop bespoke approaches to risk using clients data. Through understand risk our clients have improved inspection and reactive maintenance methods, improved resilience and an ability to make informed, long-term investment decisions using a sound knowledge of risk.

Highways asset management strategy

We offer widespread expertise on the development of asset management strategies for highways infrastructure assets. We can help develop your strategy and to communicate these aims using innovative policy and strategy documents.

Investment modelling

Using off-the-shelf and bespoke mathematical models to understand the infrastructure investment needs over the whole asset life-cycle. Using these models we are able to advise on how different investment strategies.

Preparation of investment programmes

Working with our clients to understand their objectives and tolerance of risk, we can assist clients in the preparation of forward work programmes using an evidence-led approach.

Incentivised Funding

We have assisted a number of local highway authorities to develop their evidence towards achieveing Band 3 status under the DfT Incentivised Funding scheme. We can offer a range of solutions that will help promote your status under this scheme.