A selection of our recent work...

Asset Data Management

Production of an asset data management manual for a strategic highway network. This manual was fully aligned to the client's strategic objectives. The project constructed a set of documentation and a detailed data dictionary for communication of their organisational information requirements

Risk-based Dynamic Gully Cleaning Programmes

Assessment of data quality was done to establish whether the data was fit-for-purpose, then the production of work schedules to direct gully cleaning operations. This work was the first step towards expected savings in excess of 30%

Generation of highway asset life cycles using condition profiling

Processing of our Client's works and condition data with geospatial analysis to define relationships that were used to build a comprehensive schedule of carraigeway asset life cycles. This schedule has enable to our Client to fully understand the risks on this network and to plan investment accordingly.

Asset Inventory Construction

Responding to a client concern about risk due to incomplete asset data, we used innovative geospatial techniques that exploited online mapping resources to capture and complete asset inventories.